[TYPO3-english] levelfield with abstract?

Tyler Kraft tyler.kraft at netefficiency.co.uk
Thu Nov 20 15:27:24 CET 2008


Nope, afaik it's for all fields that don't already have the level 
property as defined in TSref (ie those that do have it defined are 
media, uid, title)

Katja Lampela wrote:
> Hi Tyler,
> I noticed that in TSref, but I understood it wrong: I thought this would 
> concern only if one had made own extension fields, not these "standard" 
> ones. But thank you for clearing that misunderstanding.
> regards,
> Katja
> Tyler Kraft kirjoitti:
>> Actually it works fine for me, but you do have to add it to the 
>> 'addRootLineFields' in the configuration. (Exactly as it says and 
>> implies in TSref)
>> Tomas Mrozek wrote:
>>> I've stumbled upon the same issue few days ago.
>>> *levelfield:1, abstract* doesn't seem to work as one would expect 
>>> after reading the reference.
>>> If you don't need the "slide" ability, you can fetch the abstract by 
>>> using RECORDS object:
>>> 30 = RECORDS
>>> 30.source.data = leveluid:1
>>> 30.tables = pages
>>> 30.conf.pages = TEXT
>>> 30.conf.pages.field = abstract
>>> Tomas Mrozek

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