[TYPO3-english] openX banner integration with typo3 template

Rupali rupali.ffm at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 20 11:02:47 CET 2008

Hello list,

i would like to know how to integrate an openX banner with template? I have
the following code for banner.


 /* <!-- OpenX XML-RPC Tag v2.6.3 -->

    //ini_set('include_path', '.:/usr/local/lib');

    require 'openads-xmlrpc.inc.php';

    if (!isset($OA_context)) $OA_context = array();

    $oaXmlRpc = new OA_XmlRpc('ads.brainfruit.info',
'/www/delivery/axmlrpc.php', 80, false, 15);

    //view($what='', $campaignid=0, $target='', $source='', $withText=false,
$context=array(), $charset='')

    $adArray = $oaXmlRpc->view('zone:11', 0, '_top', '', 0, $OA_context,

    $OA_context[] = array('!=' => 'bannerid:'.$adArray['bannerid']);

    $OA_context[] = array('!=' => 'campaignid:'.$adArray['campaignid']);

    echo $adArray['html'];



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