[TYPO3-english] A FE Ext Manager? (without installation feature)

Peter@Eifel typo3ng at alinbu.net
Wed Nov 19 22:40:11 CET 2008

Elijah Alcantara schrieb:

> I am looking for a fe extension that should work almost the same as the
> ext manager:

You think of the TER at typo3.org/extensions, not the extension manager,
do you?

I don't know an extension doing this.
But I guess you have to think of diverend objects you want to "reveal".
It is pretty simple to code an individual extension which does that.

Or you use tt_news (the allround extension :-D). There you can add
texts, pics, files, links to a newsitem. Just add the serialnumber to
the header field. Then have one page containing the single view and
another page where you insert a search form. Done :-D. The Q+D way.


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