[TYPO3-english] upgrade to 4.2.3 problems?

Henjo Hoeksma hphoeksma at stylence.nl
Wed Nov 19 16:31:57 CET 2008

On 2008-11-19 16:19:04 +0100, Henjo Hoeksma <hphoeksma at stylence.nl> said:

> Hi list,
> I upgraded a site to 4.2.3 and am left puzzled: I can fill in the title 
> field of a page, but as soon as I press save it brings up a dialog box 
> with the note my login has probably expired (which isn't the case). 
> When I cancel everything saves, but the forms are empty...
> In the pagebrowser everything is fine.
> Using TV 1.3.7
> Everyone else this issue?
> I like puzzles ... but not all of them ;-)
> Thanks in advance.
> Henjo

Well - forget about it. It seemed to be a problem of the 1password 
program bugging my mac firefox form handling...


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