[TYPO3-english] Multi-lingual sites and SEO with Typo3

Paul Kemper phkemper at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 10:12:04 CET 2008

Xavier wrote (see earlier message

>>* 3 When a page exists in multiple languages, but page comments are allowed to*>>* that page, ALL comments are visible, regardless of the page language that*>>* the commentor is using (haven't found this in the documentation);*
> this is a problem of configuring your comment plugin correctly.

So, is this possible or not?

Xavier wrote:

>>* 4 Ability to have forms in multiple languages, while still storing form data*>>* into the sale table (I believe this is possible in Typo3).*
>Do not know exactly what you mean but you can do what you want.

Let me explain:

I have created a page with a form in English and also created a
localized version of the form in French.

Now a visitor goes to the English version of the form and enters data
and submits it. This data, I assume, is stored in a table somewhere in
the database. Let's call this table 'myformdata' for the sake of

Next, a new French speaking visitor goes to the French version of the
form. When she submits the data, does it get stored in the same
'myformdata' table, or is a new table used for the French form

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