[TYPO3-english] official pronunciation of TYPO3

Patrick Broens patrick at netcreators.com
Tue Nov 18 15:26:35 CET 2008

Xavier Perseguers wrote:
> Georg Ringer wrote:
>> Joerg Wagner wrote:
>>> All these different writings and pronounciations would make up for a
>>> great PR campaign. Imagine showing the use of TYPO3 all around the
>>> world: Web and printed visuals with different writings (similar to
>>> what Coca Cola did some time ago), video/audio spot showing people
>>> from all over the world speaking the words "TYPO 3" in their
>>> respective version.
>> I thought about that too and this would be a great podcast which could
>> be done at the next TYPO3 meetings like T3CON, T3DD, T3BOARD and so on.
> I had exactly the same idea :-)
I like that idea :-)

In Dutch this sounds also really funny. We hardly use the vowel 'y', but
have a contraction of 'i' and 'j' like 'ij', which basically makes a 'y'.

It should sound a bit like tehpo dree.

But in the Netherlands we always pronounce it in English. Everybody does :-)


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