[TYPO3-english] date2cal "Today" in powermail

Stefan Galinski sgalinski at df.eu
Tue Nov 18 12:05:54 CET 2008

Katja Lampela wrote:

> Hello,
> Is the "tod" or "Today" suppose to work as one would expect: the field
> is pre-filled with the current date?
> I only get it to work so that it gets today's date but that day is there
> tomorrow also.
> Can't find any references to this so thanks for any hint of what I could
> be missing here.
> - Katja

Hi Katja,

I have tried "tod" (today) and "tom" (tomorrow) in my test installation with powermail (latest) and date2cal (7.2.0). The result was 18-11-08 and 19-11-08.

Stefan Galinski

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