[TYPO3-english] mnogosearch: Can't create tx_mnogosearch_indexconfig with type Records

Manuel Rego Casasnovas mrego at igalia.com
Tue Nov 18 11:47:21 CET 2008


I'm trying to test the extension "mnogosearch", and once I've installed
properly mnogosearch and the PHP extension, now I'm following the
instructions at extension manual [2].

But I'm not able to create a new record "tx_mnogosearch_indexconfig" and
select as Configuration type Records, but it's not possible (section
"Indexing records" at manual).

I've been reading the tca.php and I see that the option "Records" does
not exist:
'tx_mnogosearch_type' => Array (
        'exclude' => 1,
        'label' =>
        'config' => Array (
                'type' => 'select',
                'items' => array(

array('LLL:EXT:mnogosearch/locallang_db.xml:tx_mnogosearch_indexconfig.tx_mnogosearch_type.server', 0),

array('LLL:EXT:mnogosearch/locallang_db.xml:tx_mnogosearch_indexconfig.tx_mnogosearch_type.realm', 1),

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you very much,

[1] http://typo3.org/extensions/repository/view/mnogosearch/current/

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