[TYPO3-english] Content Type "Script": Is it gone for a reason?

Joerg Wagner news.netfielders.de at digilog.de
Tue Nov 18 10:24:22 CET 2008


In ancient history there was a Typo3 content type "script" which allowed 
the direct inclusion of TS output as a content element.
It looks like with the introduction of sysext CSS styled content (around 
year 2003) the this content type was disabled (possibly as a temporary 
messure) and then it never reappeared.
During my research I found that it actually can be reactivated by 
modifying TCEFORM.tt_content.CType.removeItems. But I am reluctant to do 
so as I do not understand why is was deactivated in the first place.

Is there a reason why content type "Script" was never reactivated?
Is this way of including TS output into the content deprecated?
If so, what is the recommended way today?


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