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Dmitry Dulepov dmitry.dulepov at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 20:33:37 CET 2008


Sebastian Gebhard wrote:
> Peter Kuehn [wmdb] schrieb:
>> best ive ever heard was some folks from switzerland - they called it
>> "tüppo drüh" ;)
>  Yes! I've heard that too by a Swiss! Great :D rofl

How does "ü" sound in German? Is it like [ju]?

I used to live in Finland (great country, btw) and in Finnish "y"
read similar to [ju] and thus TYPO3 literally sounds like [tjupo
kolme] (kolme = 3). I am not sure if real Finns pronounce it like
that. May be Tapio or Katja can tell :)

In Latvian it becomes [tipo tri:s] (trīs = 3, with long "i"). There
is no "y" letter in Latvian, so it is typically read as "i".

In Russian letters literally it looks like ТИПО3 and sounds like
[tipo tri], though many people speak and write it by copying English
pronunciation, than it looks like ТАЙПО3 (ай=[ai], п=[p]), which is
very unusual letter combination for Russian :)

Funny, how many names TYPO3 has :) I can speak four of them:
English, Finnish, Russian and Latvian :)

Does anyone know how to spell and pronounce TYPO3 in other non–latin
languages? Chinese, Arabic, Korean or Japanese, for example? :)

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