[TYPO3-english] Add language parameter to external link

Joerg Wagner news.netfielders.de at digilog.de
Mon Nov 17 18:23:34 CET 2008

Hello Tony,

 > I would like to append the currently active L parameter to the 
external link ...

I had a similar problem with menu items that had to link to external 
urls and also needed the L parameter to be attached. Took me quite some 
time to solve it. Maybe my solution can be adapted to your problem.


config.sys_language_uid = 0
[globalVar = GP:L=1]
   config.sys_language_uid = 1
[globalVar = GP:L=2]
   config.sys_language_uid = 2

includeLibs.myUserFunctions = fileadmin/templates/php/ts_user_functions.php


# TS of the menu that contains external URLs:
lib.mainMenu = HMENU
lib.mainMenu {
   1 = GMENU
   1 {
     NO {
       allStdWrap.postUserFunc.langUID < config.sys_language_uid
       allStdWrap.postUserFunc = user_functions->user_addLangIdToExternalUrl

The PHP function in file ts_user_functions.php:

class user_functions{
   function user_addLangIdToExternalUrl($content, $conf){
     // get params from calling TS
     $pLangUID = $conf['langUID'];  // config.sys_language_uid

     // if link type is "external url" replace link to redirecting page 
with external url and add language param
       $content = preg_replace('/(<a[^>]*href=")[^"]*("[^>]*>)/i', 
'$1http://'.$this->cObj->data['url']."?L=$pLangUID".'$2', $content);

     return $content;

Should work for TMENU too. Side effect is that the href attribute of the 
modified links points directly to the external urls instead of an 
internal page id that is normally internally redirected by TYPO3.

Hope that helps,

Stephan Bauer schrieb:
 > Hallo,
 > ich möchte per typoscript einen Paramter an einen externen Link in 
einem Text-Content-Element anhängen.
 > Z.B. im Textfeld steht der Link
 > <link www.test.de>Hier klicken</link>
 > An diesen Link möchte ich die aktuelle Sprache meiner Seite anhängen 
(z.B. ?lang=de)
 > Zusätzlich möchte ich noch eine per user_func
 > generierte Checksumme anhängen (z.B. &check=098f6bcd)
 > Ich habe mich zu tode gesucht und nichts gefunden.
 > Vielen Dank im Voraus.
 > Grüße
 > Stephan

Tony Lush schrieb:
> I have a TYPO3 site in three languages that links to a sister catalog 
> site that is also in the same languages. I would like to append the 
> currently active L parameter to the external link so the user goes 
> directly to the correct language. The languages are English, Spanish and 
> Chinese, TYPO3 4.2.2, RealURL 1.5.2.
> Thank you -- Tony Lush

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