[TYPO3-english] Powermail - dynamic receiver(s) with query and vars

Vincent Mans typo3.vincnet at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 10:53:31 CET 2008


Is it possible to make the receiver dependend on for example
author_email of a page?

1) using additional MySQL, I don't see how I can get the current
pageid into the query
2) using additional TypoScript in a field, there is no fieldid
available like ###uid_123###

So a first solution could come close to this one perhaps:

temp.receiver = TEXT
temp.receiver.value = {page:author_email},info at domain.tld
temp.receiver.insertData = 1
plugin.tx_powermail_pi1.IS_THERE_A_SUITABLE_PARAM_HERE? < temp.receiver

(I have this working with thmailform but I need powermail now because
of other features).

A second solution is perhaps using a hidden field, so then I can get a
fieldid marker ###uid_123### ? Disadvantage: the email address will be
in the source code then.

More generally stated: like for pages, say you have tt_news items in
the detail view with a mailform beneath it. How to send emails with
the particular news author's email address AND a cc to another (fixed)
address as receivers? Where the identifier could be the tt_news uid or
the subtitle.

Perhaps I overlooked something in the documentation?


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