[TYPO3-english] Riedirects in RealURL when changing the name of a section

Dmitry Dulepov dmitry.dulepov at gmail.com
Sun Nov 16 12:35:15 CET 2008


Ron Hall wrote:
> If I change the name of of a subpage like "Page 3" to "New Page 3" then
> RealURL will make a new ID-to-path mapping the reflects the new name and
> also set the old path to "expired" which will send a permanent redirect
> response if someone hits the old url. This is fine

Correct! :)

> However, if instead I change the section page, say "Section-2" to
> "Section-2-New" then "Page 3" will respond to both
> "mydomain.com/section-2-new/page-3" and to
> "mydomain.com/section-2/page-3" and it does not give a permanent
> redirect response on the old url which is what I want.

Correct too. I am aware of it but it is technically difficult to
implement redirects for trees. Imagine of you have 100 pages under
renamed pages with 10 pages under each such pages. Creating
redirects for each page will take ages. Therefore system creates a
redirect only for the current page.

> Of course, in the case of a small section it is no trouble setting up
> redirects manually but for large sections it could be an issue
> Having said all that it looks like I have figured a way to handle such a
> situation.

And you found a very good way ;)

> I have used a directive in the apache configuration like this:
> RedirectMatch permanent /section-2/(.*)$ /section-2-new/$1
> This takes any of the old URLs and reroutes them using the new section
> name in the url and sends a permanent redirect as a response code. This
> is what I want since the reason for all this is to send the proper
> response to search engines to help with SEO.

Excellent post :) I love when people make such posts! :)

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