[TYPO3-english] sr_feuser_register: admin review with no user confirmation

Simon Browning simon at stwdesign.com
Sun Nov 16 00:20:52 CET 2008

Could do that, but want to take advantage of the very nice email 
functionality for the admins to approve the users ("click here if this 
person is ok, or click here if they are not").

La Farge Douglas wrote:
> Can you assign them to a temporary group (that doesn't allow access to 
> the restricted areas) and have the admin assign them to the group that 
> allows access?
> Doug
> On Nov 14, 2008, at 11:31 PM, Simon Browning wrote:
>> Is this possible?
>> We don't need users to confirm their accounts, because the admins are
>> going to review them, however I can't seem to find a way to configure it
>> to do this.  If I turn off user confirmation, they get instant access
>> without admin review.
>> Am I missing something, or do you have to have user confirmation enabled
>> in order for the administrative review to work?
>> On another note, we've got a couple of checkboxes specified as required
>> fields (like "I agree to terms and conditions"), but they seem to get
>> ignored.  Is there a problem with checkboxes being required fields?
>> Thanks.
>> Simon
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