[TYPO3-english] TYPO3.ORG hacked

Luc Muller l.mul-nospam-ler at ameos.com
Fri Nov 14 16:00:04 CET 2008

I don't know if it was a real need to pust a such think.

But I think it's a real need to know if the password are running over 
the internet as plain text or as md5 hash.

I still Hoping that those password were hashed.

Thanks for working hard to recover from the issue.

Dmitry Dulepov a écrit :
> Hi!
> Luc Muller wrote:
>> My question is : Are the FE password md5 hashed or something on TYPO3.org
> Was there a real need to post such things right now, when people are
> working hard to recover from the issue?


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