[TYPO3-english] mpossnewssorting extension (tt_news)

Denis Mrkota denis.mrkota at antispam.com
Wed Nov 12 13:09:48 CET 2008


I'm getting strange results by using mpossnewssorting extenstion. This 
extension adds sorting field to the tt_news and unsets default sorting used 
by tt_news but i can not figure out the meaning of sorting field values. 
After installing extension these values equal to 0 and after moving one 
tt_news record up or down they get some other value. The problem is that i 
have my news records sorted by datetime (which is default) and after 
installing this extension everything gets messed up. Did anybody manage to 
have news records sorted by datetime (desc) and still be able to move record 
up/down ?


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