[TYPO3-english] Front-End Blank, Ext Manager Blank. Please Help

James Calhoun james.calhoun at gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 05:10:04 CET 2008

Hi All,

I was using 4.1.7 earlier today. Someone emailed me telling me my site was
down. When I looked I saw an error saying the extension "CMS" was not

I searched a bit and saw that perhaps, somehow, the 'cms' extension needed
to be added to localconf.php.

When I edited localconf.php, then I got syntax errors in the localcont/temp_

So I decided it was time to upgrade to 4.2.

I upgraded, and it all appeared to work OK, but I am having to major issues:


My Typo3 is generating HTML that has all the expected Head Tags, but the
Body Tag is completely blank... no content is being generated.


The Ext Manager is blank. Whenever I click the link, I get nothing. No

After a bit more searching I hear that perhaps this is related to PHP not
having enough memory. I am using ini_set in localconf.php, but have also
tried using .htaccess (as was suggested in my servers forums).

Also, when I check phpinfo in the Install tool, it clearly says PHP 5.2.6,
with 32 megs of memory.

Any ideas?

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