[TYPO3-english] Customers and Extensions

Mark Kuiphuis spam at markyourweb.com
Mon Nov 10 23:53:43 CET 2008

Hi all,

Dmitry Dulepov wrote:
> Hi!
> Basically Gorg already said it all :) I have only personal
> experience to add :)
> Mark Kuiphuis wrote:
>> However: it could be me, but I have the general feeling that a customer
>> wants to have some specific functionality in his/her site, but doesn't
>> have the detailed picture in his mind yet.
>> They initially provide us with a "sort of" description how it should be.
>> First of all, we are going to look if there are any extensions which
>> might do the job (why invent the wheel twice) and install, configure the
>> extension.
>> But then, when they have seen something visually, they want to have this
>> feature added, that feature deleted, since they are not going to use it
>> anyway, etc. etc. How do you normally handle these requests.
> Well, I prefer different approach. Studies show that costs of the
> project grow higher with each day. The cheapest is to clarify
> everything before you do any implementation.
> As you see, your current way requires you get some words from
> customer, do a research on existing extensions, show alternatives to
> customers, listen to his clarified requirements, do research again, etc.
> I usually do different. When customer says what he wants, I try to
> write precise requirements from his wishes. Sometimes I sketch UI
> using OmniGraffle (it is a Visio–like software for Mac). Next I
> quickly ("quickly" is important!) check if there are any extensions
> that suites the requirements. If an extension is well–coded and
> suites most requirements, I clarify requirements so that they suite
> to the client. Next I write why each requirement should work this
> way and not the other. It becomes pretty large document, can be 10
> pages or more with pictures. Then I send it to customer. Customer
> checks the document and usually finds it satisfying. They see
> clarity and good arguments. I usually try to cover even minor
> details because minor things are those things that people usually
> see different. Sometimes I have to add some functionality but mostly
> I am able to meet together customer's requirements and extensions.
> However if I cannot find extension or it does not work fully as
> expected, I still write requirements and I know precisely how I will
> implement the functionality: hook to an existing extension, create
> an XCLASS or my own extension.
> In any case I do everything to clarify requirements before any real
> work. Once I have clear requirements I can start fulfilling them.
> There is no point at all working without clear requirements: it is a
> complete loss of precious time.
>> Since I am fairly new (brand new to be honest) in regards to extension
>> development (still eagerly waiting for Dmitry's book to arrive, ordered
>> the book over 2 weeks ago :-( ) I don't feel comfortable modifying
> There is a big amount of orders, so it takes time to deliver. They
> print on demand. My own copy was delivered last week (ordered in the
> beginning of October).

Everybody, thanks for your comments. Good points we should take into 

@Dmitry: I ordered the books from Packtpub. Received an e-mail on the 
22nd of October that my books have been shipped. However I think 
Australian Customs is the bottleneck. Anyway...i'll just be patient. :-)



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