[TYPO3-english] indexed_search + sections configuration

Peter Jaraczewski peter at norvlit.de
Thu Nov 6 20:18:41 CET 2008


I'm going to wack out. I have a project which has 22 lets say 
subprojects with different domainrecords. I've set up 22 indexing 
configurations for each subproject. In my TS I have specified the 
following command:

plugin.tx_indexedsearch.search.defaultFreeIndexUidList = 
plugin.tx_indexedsearch.blind.freeIndexUid = 0

in order to make indexed_search know all the sections. tx_crawler is 
configured to index by page, not by record.

But how can i specify now, indexed_search should use actual section by 
default and in advanced search there is a possibility to search through 
all sections?!

Any ideas?

PS: TYPO3 v. 4.1.7, latest version of indexed_search

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