[TYPO3-english] Need help with CoolURI

Jan Bednarik info at bednarik.org
Thu Nov 6 19:32:23 CET 2008


you need to understand that CoolUri translates whatever you give to it. 
Input is bad url, output cool url, that's it. You cannot except 
transformation of X=1 to Y=1.

> First, I want to know how to strict parameters to specific page(id) e.g. tx_ext[temp] to id=20 or tx_ext[temp2] to id=21.

what does it mean "strict"? If you want to add tx_ext[temp] to links in 
page X, you need to use TypoScript.

> Second, how can I strict the value of parameters to only value that exist in the looked up database.
> I created new link with parameter id=20&tx_ext[temp]=200 but the value 200 isn't exist in the database.

If you create such link, link will be transformed. It's your 
responsibility not to generate such link.

Jan Bednarik
www.bednarik.org - web about Typo3 in czech

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