[TYPO3-english] IndexedSearch vs mnoGoSearch & PowerSearch

ries van Twisk typo3 at rvt.dds.nl
Thu Nov 6 17:41:12 CET 2008

On Nov 6, 2008, at 11:31 AM, Dmitry Dulepov wrote:

> Hi!
> Vahan Amirbekyan wrote:
>> I started looking around and found two options to consider to replace
>> indexed_search with:
>> 1. mnoGoSearch (mnogosearch) by Dmitry Dulepov
>> 2. PowerSearch (powersearch) by Knut Moeller and Norbert Sendetzky
>> I would apprecaite your comments to these options ( or any others )  
>> and any
>> inside into why for example mnoGoSearch would be faster than  
>> indexed_search
>> and for what case, if powersearch is mature to be deployed in PROD
>> environment and so on.
> www.mysql.com uses mnoGoSearch. Though they do not do it  
> efficiently :D

no comments.... hehehehehe

> I expect that mnoGoSearch will be the most powerful and the best
> scalable. It is a professional solution and it uses PHP extension to
> do search. When you use mnoGoSearch, you do not run interpreted PHP
> scripts, you run true machine code (PHP extension), which is always
> faster. Think about mnoGoSearch as about local Google on your server.

I only believe that MNO had some limitation with TYPO3 integration  
when yiou have logged in FE users
and you don't want to show search results of a group a logged in user  
doesn't have access to.
Dmitry, is this still true?

A friend of mine forked the TYPO3 mno extension to make that work  
properly, but it's not
in a state that it can be released.

> Also since mnoGoSearch is a professional solution, it has many
> features that other search engines do not have. One of them is
> search for word forms (go/goes, car/cars) for many languages.

The alternative forms can be easily added to any search engine...
You only need some libraries... But they are open source. TO bad
that indexes seach is not to smart....

> The
> drawback is that installing mnoGoSearch is harder than other
> solutions and requires you to compile search engine and PHP
> extension. If you work in the TYPO3 company, which provides TYPO3
> hosting services, it will be a good solution for you. If you host
> your site with independent hosting provider, you may have problems
> using mnoGoSearch. Also mnoGoSearch is unavailable on Windows (no
> workarounds at all).

I do believe it is available for windows, but you need to pay....

> I do not know about PowerSearch. I think it is Lucene–based. I never
> used Lucene, so cannot comment on its performance. I heard that
> Lucene is not bad but Zend Framework implementation of Lucene is
> much slower than original Lucene.
> On a 10000 pages web site search on 3-5 terms takes 0.003 sec with
> mnoGoSearch. Subsequent searches for the same phrase take 0.001 sec.

I personally used it to index office documents and indexing documents
with a total size of over 20-30GB is not a problem at all for MNO.


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