[TYPO3-english] mnogosearch 2.1.0 & more than one server in tree

Hauke Meyer meyer at visionconnect.de
Thu Nov 6 09:35:05 CET 2008

Hi Dmitry!

Of course I've had read the manual before :-D But the solution discovers 
a special kind of misconfiguration on my side (not so surprising...).

I copied the records for site B and site C from site A and put them 
inside the same overall root page. The solution for me was the 
following: put the records in the root pages of each separate site and 
start each record from scratch. I don't know which of the two changes do 
the job but it seems to work. Nice and fast.

I use mnogosearch in different cases before and it is a nice 
search-solution. Your extension is a gift for me ;-)


> Hauke Meyer wrote:
>> We try to use this nice extension on a server with three sites inside a
>> tree in addition with realUrl.
>> The older versions of this extension mark this construction as not real
>> working. Did the new extension work under this circumstances? May be it
>> is a question of configuration.
> It works.
>> We experienced the following:
>> Indexing works for all sites!
>> Site A (the first in the list and the resulting config-file) works well.
>> You can not find any pages from the others. -> perfekt
>> Site B finds any page from the other two sites. -> ouch
>> Site C the same as Site B. -> ouch again ;-)
>> Did anyone knows a solution or can give me a hint? Is it a bug or a
>> feature If it is a bug, I will start an issue on
>> http://forge.typo3.org/projects/exte...osearch/issues
> There is no need to start the issue because this works correctly in
> at least two installations that I have under hand.
> The manual tells you what you should do to limit searches to a
> single site. Read the manual!

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