[TYPO3-english] Clean ts cache without cleaning page cache

Tania Morales tania.morales at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 22:50:44 CET 2008

Hi everyone,

After a lot of reading and testing I made a huge website to work correctly
with TYPO3 Page Caching,
and for a long time I didn't need to select the  Clean All Caches option
from the Backend,
which was very good as all the pages keep being cached, around 40.000
records in the cache_page table right now.

But now i need to make a change in a TS configuration, and I cleaned only
the configuration cache, I even removed the cache files from typo3conf.
And i was waiting for some cache_pages to expire so the new change should
take effect. But nothing happens.

I did the same in my local environment and at the end I had to clean All
Caches to make the ts change work,
I can not do the same in my production site as I will loose the 40000
records that are already cached.

Am I missing something I should do, besides Cleaning Configuration Cache and
removing the files in typo3conf that will make this possible without the
option of Clear All Caches ? Thanks for any clue.

T at ni@

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