[TYPO3-english] ratings - is it possible...

Jan Slusarczyk janslu at grupaiis.pl
Tue Nov 4 17:33:54 CET 2008

Dmitry Dulepov wrote:

> No, that way is specific to ltg_rating. I have an extension to show
> most rated news items but it is not public yet.

Will you make it public? Any approximate timeframe?

>> 2. Is it possible to prefix / suffix items in other menus with current
>> page rating?
> I do not understand what you mean.

In my first question I was asking about menus of top rated pages. This 
is a special type of menu. But I  was thinking about having the ability 
to insert the current rating for example as a special wrap of the title 
in ordinary TMENU... For example I'd love to have a special class for 
top rated (>4.6) pages throughout my website. Or have the rating 
displayed in menus of subpages without sorting with rating...

Am I clear(er)? Do you think it is possible?

Jan Slusarczyk

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