[TYPO3-english] Google-sitemap.xml and realurl-( redirect?)

Dmitry Dulepov dmitry.dulepov at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 13:35:54 CET 2008


Rupali Gupta wrote:
> similarly googlesitemap is also available as: www.xyz.com/google-sitemap/
> and if a call www.xyz.com/google-sitemap.xml/, I get 404 error.

You could also call it as www.xyz.com/google-sitemap.html and get
404 error. Why do you call it with wrong URL and expect to get
anything back? Did it ever work for any page? Each page has its own
address and it is available under the correct address only.

> i would like know if this googlesitemap .xml file will do the ping function
> for google search? Can i also test it ?

Try it! Google will tell you if it can't reach the site map.

> Is it recommended to redirect this www.xyz.com/google-sitemap/ to
> www.xyz.com/google-sitemap.xml/

Definitely not. "google-sitemap.xml/" looks wrong and bad because of
the ending slash. Additionally ".xml" do not add any value, it only
makes URL longer.

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