[TYPO3-english] hide form in indexed_search result page?

Tapio Markula tapio.markula at xetpoint.fi
Tue Nov 4 07:55:50 CET 2008

Horn Gábor kirjoitti:
> Hello,
> i use a searchbox in my template which is always visible. As the user 
> performs a search, indexed_search properly gives the result lit, but 
> after the result list it displays a form with the sword and scols fields 
> - which i don't want, but i can't find the way to disable this form. Can 
> sy pls help me how i can make indexed_Search to only display the result 
> rws but not any kind of form itself?
> thanks, Gábor Horn

I have done those with CSS by generating id-value for BODY tag.

page.bodyTagCObject = TEXT
page.bodyTagCObject.field = uid
page.bodyTagCObject.wrap = <body id="page|" class="{$className}">

#page123 ... { display:none }

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