[TYPO3-english] Multi-language / country related question

Rob De Vries spam_this at pandora.be
Mon Nov 3 13:44:01 CET 2008

Hey David,

copy/paste from TSREF - conditions:

If the HTTP_HOST is "www.typo3.com" this will match with:

[globalString = HTTP_HOST=www.typo3.com]
This will also match with it:

[globalString = HTTP_HOST= *typo3.com]
... but this will also match with a HTTP_HOST like this: "demo.typo3.com"

Now you can do anything you like based on the the subdomain.

for the language based content, this is someting you can do in several 
ways. But I would not recommend to 'duplicate' the page tree.
In practice, only some content is translated, most are references. You 
can do all these things with TS, organize your templates in a smart way 
and the use of conditions as mentioned above.

hope it is of some help.


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