[TYPO3-english] ext: mnoGoSearch 2.0.0

Bartosz Aninowski bartoszx at SPAMgmail.com
Sat Nov 1 23:19:19 CET 2008

> I am not sure what you want to inside the hook (something your
> own?). Mnogosearch already watches all records configured for
> indexing and stores information about them in tx_mnogosearch_urllog
> for reindexing.
I try to understand how reindexing work.
I've added configuration for mm_forum - table topic.
After first run everything was indexed correctly and I can find any word
inside topics.

typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh mnogosearch -w -n -v 3
indexer[8854]: Total converted: 16249 records, 32999 bytes

Then I've added new topic "6666" in FE (not in backend).
I've run
typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh mnogosearch -w -n -v 3

Nothing has changed.
indexer[8947]: Total converted: 16249 records, 32999 bytes
I can't find 6666 in search results. Search is empty.

So my question is
Does reindexing work only when I save/edit/delete record in backend?
If not, why mnogosearch doesn't add new record to index?

I've made similar test with news table but new records was added in 
Backend and mnogosearch reindexed content.

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