[TYPO3-english] SMTP with Typo3 and SMTP with sr_feuser

Stephan Petzl spetzl at gmx.at
Wed Dec 31 09:27:52 CET 2008

James Calhoun schrieb:

> 1) Can anyone help me understand how to make sure that the install tool,
> forms, etc, can use sendmail with SMTP? I dug through
> class.t3lib_htmlmail.php and saw that, according to the comments, Typo3
> supports Sendmail/Exim MTA/SMTP.
> 2) Or, in particular, can someone help me figure out how to get sr_feuser
> confirmation emails, etc, to be sent via SMTP?
> Thanks all,
> James Calhoun

i wrote a XCLASS extension for class.t3lib_htmlmail.php (see attachment)
wanted to make it configurable but its not finished. you have to edit 
your smtp server data in the ux_... class. it uses PEARs Mail Class (has 
to be installed on server or manually included)

BR Steph

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