[TYPO3-english] RTE and t3editor nor working

Styrmir Magnússon styrmirm at hive.is
Mon Dec 22 19:48:11 CET 2008


I am having this strange problem with both RTE editor and t3editor they 
are not working as they should.

t3editor is enabled in installed but in TypoScript there is no 
difference if t3editor is enabled or disabled.

RTE is enabled but I am only getting to see as it is not enabled.
If I make some changes to the extension setting like choosing Minimal or 
demo view then when I load a page in BE it gives a blank screen.

I can't access error.log because I only have ftp access to this computer 
so I can't see what the error is.

There also is a error message in the corner of the browser:
Line: 727
Char: 1
Error: Object expected
Code: 0
Url: http://.../typo3/sysext/tstemplate/ts/index.php?id=3&e[config]=!

Is there anyone who have any clue what is happening?

I am using ver. 1.7.7 in TYPO 4.2.3

CONST: php_sapi_name: apache2handler
OTHER: memory_limit : 32M

I am aware that the requirements for TYPO3 are PHP 5.2 but is this error 
because of wrong PHP version. As indicated in 

If you are using PHP 5.1 then you might be in luck... We are aware that 
enterprise Linux distributions of Novell and RedHat do not ship with PHP 
5.2 yet (they both come with 5.1). Therefore, we will avoid using PHP 
5.2 any specific features in TYPO3 as long as they have not switched.

Best regards

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