[TYPO3-english] tt_news TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd with starttime problem

Dmitry Martynenko dima at realt.by
Thu Dec 18 11:22:47 CET 2008

Hi ben,

>> In my TS config I have the typoscript
>> TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd = 1
>> When I write a tt_news record with a starttime the news record is not
>> shown at starttime. When manually flush the cache it shows.
>> Any one a idea how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

bvten> Use "TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd = 345,678". Put this typoscript in the pageproperties
bvten> of folder where you store your news. Where the numbers are the PID's of the
bvten> pages where news is shown. This will clear the cache when a new news item is
bvten> created or modified. It also makes sense to set the cache expiry low on those
bvten> pages so the browser is forced to reload.

I have one comment. We use this Page TS "TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd =
345,678" some month ago. But with growth of news count (page cache become big)
and site attendance this command slow down or even hand-up the server.

It is better for us to set low page cache time (15-30 minutes).

And only solution for precisely follow start-stop times is to setup
tt_news as USER_INT object.

Dmitry Martynenko

Web: http://realt.by

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