[TYPO3-english] Including a TS file into a TS template

Xavier Perseguers typo3 at perseguers.ch
Wed Dec 17 10:55:01 CET 2008


> I want to include a TS file in my website root TS template.
> Is the following code correct:
> <INCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT:source="FILE:fileadmin/africalive/AFL-TS.ts">
> I have this just after:
> page = PAGE
> page.10 = USER
> page.10.userFunc = tx_templavoila_pi1->main_page
> ...
> in my root template
> It does not seemto work for me. is there something wrong?

BTW, I found a bug but I did not have time to understand how to always 
reproduce it. In some context, the very first line of an external 
included TS file is dropped from being interpreted. Adding a comment or 
an empty line solves the problem.

Xavier Perseguers

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