[TYPO3-english] Present images from sys folder

Eric Thelander 3d-telis at home.se
Wed Dec 17 00:05:16 CET 2008

Hello everyone

I'm trying to set up a template where a gallery page will show images 
from pages located in a sysfolder. The page tree looks like this

    * Gallery
          o Sysfolder
                + Page 1
                + Page 2
                + etc...

The pages in the sys folder is built up like this, first they have Text 
w/image element and then a Image element. I need the TS on my gallery 
template to grab the picture in Text w/image element together with the 
page title and also make the image and title link to the page where they 
are located. Kind of like a automatic thumbnail feature.

I've gotten it to work half way by modifying a randomcontent script. I 
get the gallery to show the correct pictures from every page and line up 
the pictures nicely. If I enable the titles as well they do show but 
mess up the alignment of the pictures, but I cant get the linking to 
work because the original script needs the text to get cropped in order 
to present a read more link.

I admit I'm not very savvy with typo3, I get by modifying scripts and 
searching solutions in the typo3 mailing list. I apologize if this has 
been answered previously and kindly ask you to point me in the right 

This is my modified script:


# ID of the page where your content elements are stored
lib.randomContent.pidInList = 21,22,23,24

# Maximum number of pixels (width) a block of images inserted as content 
is allowed to consume.
lib.randomContent.maxImageWidth = 110

# Same as above, but this is the maximum width when text is wrapped 
around an imageblock. Default is 50% of the normal Max Image Width
lib.randomContent.maxImageWidthInText = 110


# Random student block
lib.randomContent = COA_INT
lib.randomContent {

  10 = CONTENT
  10 {
    table = tt_content
    select {
      where = CType='textpic'
      # ID of the page where your content elements are stored
      pidInList = {$lib.randomContent.pidInList}
      orderBy = rand()
    renderObj = COA
    renderObj {
      # Use the two new constants "lib.randomContent.maxImageWidth"
      # and "lib.randomContent.maxImageWidthInText" to control the
      # size of the images.
      5.maxImageWidth = {$lib.randomContent.maxImageWidth}
      5.maxImageWidthInText = {$lib.randomContent.maxImageWidthInText}

      # The following code is identical to the "tt_content.textpic"
      # object from css_styled_content
      10 = COA
      10.if.value = 25
      10.if.isLessThan.field = imageorient

      20  < tt_content.image.20


Best regards

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