[TYPO3-english] Changing site charset to utf-8 and all templavoila mapping breaks

Brian Bendtsen bb at bellevuevej.dk
Tue Dec 16 18:03:51 CET 2008

Dmitry Dulepov skrev:
> Hi!
> Brian Bendtsen wrote:
>> I have a rather large site I wish to convert to utf-8 so I have tested
>> this guide on smaller sites:
>> http://xavier.perseguers.ch/en/tutorials/typo3/configuration/utf-8.html
>> The problem is that all templavoila mapping breaks and I have a lot of
>> templates on the large site and it will take forever to remap :)
>> Any tips on how I can avoid this?
> If you use any non–English characters in template, mapping will be broken after conversion. Mapping format does not allow easy changes of the charset. You can only get rid of all non–English characters, go to "Update mapping" and click "Save". Then you can change charsets.
I will try that, thanks


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