[TYPO3-english] code doesn't work for tt_news

JoH asenau info at cybercraft.de
Tue Dec 16 11:41:29 CET 2008

Francisco Cifuentes wrote:
> Possibly in strict terms is not correct, but if it is working, what
> is the problem? :P

Just to clarify the problem:

The default setup of plugin.tt_news contains more than just a simple text
for "code", since the value is taken form a DB field.
If you just do something like this

10 < plugin.tt_news
10.code = BLAH

the rest of the setup remains intact.

10.code = BLAH
10.code.field = select_key

If the field select_key contained some value now it would override the value
Since there is no value at all it this means, the code would remain empty
unless you set the defaultCode to some value, which is what you did. The
select_key is empty and overrides your value, defaultCode is inserted

I dind't check it, but I guess that it would help if you clear the code
completely befor setting your value, which is always a good idea when you
recycle some existing TS code:

10.code >
10.code = BLAH



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