[TYPO3-english] redirects with realURL

Loek Hilgersom hilgersom at xs4all.nl
Mon Dec 15 17:38:00 CET 2008

It's not 100% clear to me what you are trying to achieve (are you redirecting to 
files, or to other virtual paths?), but check the realurl manual for 
redirects_regex, it may be what you're after.


Klaus Fumy wrote:
> Hi!
> I use the redirects array in realURL and it works very good. What I 
> couldn´t figure out is, if there is a possibility to make a redirect in 
> that way, that not only for example 'dnb/' => 'home/dnb/' works, but 
> also any deeplink like 'dnb/*' => 'home/dnb/' (* = any path after dnb/)?
> Is there a syntax for this feature?
> I didn´t find something in the documentation.
> Greetings
> klaus

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