[TYPO3-english] code doesn't work for tt_news

maaboo maaboo at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 14:08:38 CET 2008

Hi, Allmighty All!

I encountered problem with tt_news. There is my code for generating news:

<begin of news.ts>
plugin.tt_news {
defaultCode = LATEST
<end of news.ts>


<begin of news3rd-lvl.ts>
[globalVar = TSFE:id = 43]
lib.newsholder = COA
lib.newsholder {
	10 < plugin.tt_news
	10 {
		code = LATEST
		templateFile = fileadmin/templates/tt_news2.html
		pid_list = 43
	20 < plugin.tt_news
	20 {
		code = AMENU
		templateFile = fileadmin/templates/tt_news2.html
		pid_list = 43
<end of news3rd-lvl.ts>

When i open page 43 i see two LATEST. When i remove defaultCode i get
"NO CODE GIVEN". I tried the following:

Debug via TSOB: There are no any errors or warnings about tt_news.
When condition is checked - all parameters look fine.
Debug via krumo: There are correct code parameters (code (String, 6
characters ) LATEST;
code (String, 5 characters ) AMENU).

When i set other defaultCode (for ex. AMENU) - it generates two AMENUs.

i tried to use both INCLUDE files and individual page template setup -
same shit.

Why it doesn't work?

PS. There is strange "code." parameter in krumo output:
 code.  (Array, 1 element)
      field (String, 10 characters ) select_key
if it's important.

with respect, Grigory
ICQ UIN: 22694713

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