[TYPO3-english] Random Template not found messages

Andreas Wagner andreas.wagner at klee.se
Sun Dec 14 22:57:10 CET 2008

> It seems that it has something to do with the data stored in the 
> cache_hash table, because if I clear only this after I get the message, 
> the page works again.

After further investigation, it looks like a charset issue. I discovered 
that under some (for me unknown) circumstances, rows saved in cache_hash 
with field ident set to TS TEMPLATE is not unserializeable. I found the 
place where unserialize() chokes, and it reads: s:6:"müsli". Apparently 
PHP interprets the ü character as two characters when the typoscript 
setup is serialized. But I have no idea why, and what triggers this to 
happen. It seems to happen randomly, maybe each 20:th page load.

The database is in utf-8, and forceCharset is set to utf-8. I have also 
set [SYS][setDBinit] = SET NAMES utf8 SET CHARACTER SET utf8

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?



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