[TYPO3-english] Typo3 Menu hides in sub-pages

Andreas Burg typo3 at andreasburg.de
Thu Dec 11 19:39:22 CET 2008

Hello Stephen,

> I think it's because you haven't got CUR and ACT defined, just NO.

I think this is wrong. If you've just defined the NO state, it is used for all the other states.

> When you select main page it uses CUR settings, and when you are on the sub page it
> uses ACT.

That's wrong too. TSref says:
ACT - for menu items which are found in the rootLine
CUR - for a menu item if the item is the current page.

> Also for the subpages you must define level 2 of your menu. You
> just have 1 at the moment.

That's right. You only get rendered the levels you define.


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