[TYPO3-english] fe_users and md5 password

Søren Malling soren.malling at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 00:33:26 CET 2008


I'm using sr_feuser_register for handlinger frontend users. All's good, but
I need the password to be md5 encrypted.

The extension itself advices you to use kb_md5fepw, and even though the
extension tells me that I'm using a to version of TYPO3 and PHP above the
advised, it's getting installed perfectly and is working smoothly on login.

But when it comes to the part where you have to edit your user, the problem

If I enter the new password for the user and hit the save button, im able to
see from the HTML source that the a new password is loaded to the page (from
the javascript in the bottom of the HTML output) but the password is not
changed in the TYPO3 backend and if i reload the edit page, the password is
back to "the old password", from before I even tried to edit the user.

Doe's anybody use kb_md5fepw with success in TYPO3 4.2.3 with
sr_feuser_register 2.5.19 or the like?

I hope t hear from someone regarding this issue?



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