[TYPO3-english] getting wfqbe (DB-Integration) working

Andreas Rau linux at stoeckel-grimmler.de
Wed Dec 10 14:11:47 CET 2008

Hi all,

I'm still trying to get the wfqbe-extentision working well. As I'm new 
to Typo3, I tried to follow the instructions of the documentation. What 
I did was including the extension as static (Chapter "Administration). 
But then there is a code  written in the docu, I don't know what to do 
with that:

plugin.tx_wfqbe_pi1 {
         template = EXT:wfqbe/pi1/    .....

csv_wfqbe >
csv_wfqbe = PAGE
csv_wfqbe {

So do I need to insert this code and where?

So far I still got wfqbe working to show me a result on a "static" 
sql-query. But if I use sql-querries containing a marker, I can see in 
the FE only the search form with an inputbox. After using the results 
button, nothing happens, no results are shown.

Currently these fields/tables are filled in BE:

- user credentials (working, due to the fact I get an answer on static 
- query "Q1": Select with ###marker### in WHERE clause; Type "Select"
- query "Q2": linking to Q1; Type "Search"

 Search Page:
Plugin "DB-Integration"

Register "General"
- ID: 1
- Query record: Q2
- Template:  EXT:wfqbe/pi1/wfqbe_template.html
- Template type: From TypoScript

Register Results:
left default

Register "Search"
left blank as I want to see the results on the same page

Which fields must be filled  to get an answer in the same page as the 
search page?

Thanks for any hints.



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