[TYPO3-english] Parse character/text in page

Erik Bartoš erik.bartos at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 15:09:32 CET 2008


I've been writting to the mailing list a few months before, but up to now  
I cannot resolve one problem.

After generating the page with the content, I want once again parse the  
whole elements on the page (to check java scripts, html tags and their  
attributes...) to correct, if any, mistakes. I've tried, e.g.
page.stdWrap.parseFunc.short.yyy = zzz
but it doesn't parse whole page content (including java scripts), only  
some text. Is there any other possibilty to parse page content again with  
the help of parseFunc? Or this type of parsing is wrong?

I've found another method
XXX.stdWrap.postUserFunc = .....
but I'm not very familiar with it.

Can someone give me any advice/hint how to perform this kind of parsing?


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