[TYPO3-english] combination of geoip with rggooglemap

Xavier Perseguers typo3 at perseguers.ch
Mon Dec 8 07:48:48 CET 2008

Hello Joydeep,

> I have started using the geoip and it is a nice tool to generate client
> information based on its IP. I am very much eager to use rggooglemap in
> a way that it generate the map using the co-ordinates reported by geoip.
> The doc of geoip says it is possible to pass the co-ordinates to other
> out side program too. But I have not found any more clue to do it. Could
> any one kindly enlighten me ?

This is your third message about this subject. If you do not get an 
answer, perhaps this is because nobody knows about it.

I just went to the geoip extension webpage and saw that combination of 
geoip and googlemap is done with extension rgsimplegooglemaps 
(http://www.rggooglemap.com/dev/rgsimplegooglemaps.html). Isn't it what 
you are looking for? Didn't you read what was on the developer website?

This extension seems not yet to be released to TER, you may contact the 
author to know when he plans to release it.


Xavier Perseguers

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