[TYPO3-english] Specific TypoScript configuration

Cyrille Berliat Berliat at intracen.org
Fri Dec 5 17:36:53 CET 2008

I'm not really familiar yet with the TS, I'm most used to work on other type of extensions but in one of them, I need to execute an external CE, I use so this in my plugin X:
   $localCObj = t3lib_div::makeInstance('tslib_cObj');
   $localCObj->start($label, $table);
   $label = $localCObj->cObjGetSingle('< tt_content', array());
My problem now is, in some case I don't want the same wrapping as other elements,
Is there a way to override the generic configuration (the normal content element's configuration) by the Plug in configuration ?
If so, only using the TSConfig in the template or the only way is to get the conf and pass it at arg to the cObjGetSingle function.
---------:In situation problem:--------
My problem concerns most of the Wrap functions because a "Label" ends up like "<a name="#cXXX"></a><p style="...">Label</p><img spacer.... /><br />"
If the user wants to configure it like that, why not but when they add the CE as Label of a Link, the <a> interferes and it breaks the html. I thought about 2 things:
- override all the Wrap TS... But I don't know how to find them all and it would maybe generate something different than the user expects
- just remove the <a> for example, but they may be wrapped for some reasons, I wouldn't like to break something else...
- as referred by my question, find a way to introduce a specific override
Thanks a lot!

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