[TYPO3-english] pixe_feediting doesn't work in subdomain?

Tapio Markula tapio.markula at xetpoint.fi
Thu Dec 4 11:36:34 CET 2008

stefano cecere kirjoitti:
> just discovered that the (potentially wonderful) pixe_feediting ext 
> doens't work if the page is in a subdomain of the main site...

I have installed it also into subfolder

and it works ok (the domain is www.tnkk.fi).

I have tried to use absolute paths in order to avoid subfolder problems.
Installation into subfolder cause extra headache for developers because 
of path problems.

Used also in sites, which use domain records  and the same installation 
has been used for several site.
In that case the installation is in the main directory and domain 
records are root on level pages.

Do you have domain record below the root level?
I have never tested with that kind of situation.

What kind of problems you have?

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