[TYPO3-english] ab_downloads problems with downloads and additional UTF8 bytes

Stefan Onken Support at stonki.de
Thu Dec 4 07:20:38 CET 2008


we are facing a strange problem at work with ab_downloads. Every new 
download adds a  "EF BB BF" (which seems to be UTF8 related [1]) to 
the beginning of the file, causing the download file to be corrupt. 
The files sizes are actually the same because the last three bytes 
of the original files are cut off as well. 

See http://www.stonki.de/fileadmin/files/ab_download1.jpg for more 

On the server:
>Server$ md5sum pcvisit.*
48048173190c822daefe32368328c056  pcvisit.exe
98b91e6e7e15d72e1755f6739505e72c  pcvisit.zip

On the client:
> Desktop$ md5sum pc*
8c6c9bd033bbdf6eda91338eca977346  pcvisit.exe
5ff5cb3569d66d81196560d5e54d66f1  pcvisit.zip

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byte_Order_Mark

Any ideas ?


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