[TYPO3-english] disable caching for a single content element

Stephan Petzl spetzl at gmx.at
Wed Dec 3 23:23:22 CET 2008

Patrick Rodacker schrieb:
> Jerome Schneider wrote on 03.12.2008 18:17:
>> If it's a standard cObj, use a COA_INT, but you'll have to do it in
>> typoscript (no page module)
> ... and could include it as page content using the extension tscobj
> Regs
> Patrick
yeah nice idea, the problem is that tt_news elements support a category 
filter in the form-settings but not as typoscript parameter. so i have 
to insert them as regular content element. i wonder why its not possible 
since caching is done one content element level by TYPO3 as far as i know...

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