[TYPO3-english] Query Databases using RECORDS

John Fox fox at johnfoxstudios.com
Wed Dec 3 20:33:48 CET 2008

I'm slowly learning Typo3.  Any help would be really appreciated!

I am trying to retrieve a record from the tx_dam database.  This retrieves a
single field for me: (GPvar:mediaID is the passed ID for the video)

video.10 = RECORDS 
video.10.source = TEXT
video.10.source.data = GPvar:mediaID
video.10.tables = tx_dam
video.10.conf.tx_dam = TEXT
video.10.conf.tx_dam {
  field = title 
  wrap = Play this video: <b> | </b>

The problem is that I can only figure out how to retrieve one "field" at a
time.  I need to retrieve title, file_name, keywords, file_path and
description. Can I accomplish what I need to do with RECORDS?

I've seen other examples with COA and CONTENT but I can't seem to get them
to work.  I've looked over the TSRef numerous times and it doesn't make much
sense to me as to how to accomplish this.  I'm assuming it's pretty basic.


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