[TYPO3-english] change dateformat according to locale

Xavier Perseguers typo3 at perseguers.ch
Wed Dec 3 10:03:51 CET 2008

T.M.Snyder wrote:
>> Extensions handle dates the way they want. If they are properly coded,
>> they allow you to configure the way they output them. You have to search 
>> for TS configuration for each and every extension to find where you may 
>> specify the date format.
>> Xavier Perseguers
> Am I right, that this is NOT possible globally?
> Seems bad to me....
> Because if I have 29 Extension I have to configure dates according to 
> locales 29 times???
> I can' believe that there is not trick in TYpo3 to handle that 
> better/faster/more globally...
> tim

Well, there exists this Install setting:


but it does not say how to format time and is normally set to something 
like 'd.m.Y' which is not localized. If extensions use this information 
to format dates, then you're done but if not I do not know any other 
global option.

Xavier Perseguers

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