[TYPO3-english] typoscript creating another li above the active li?

Dmitry Dulepov dmitry at typo3.org
Tue Dec 2 15:59:33 CET 2008


Clay Sissing wrote:
> Need to put a class on the active link. The script below is doing that
> as well as creating a li above the active link.

Sure, look:

>                         NO {
>                             allStdWrap {
>                                 wrap = <li>| </li>


>                                                 ACT < .NO
>                                                 ACT = 1
>                                                 ACT.linkWrap = <li
> class="active"> |</li>

You see, you make extra <li> for the active item!

Slution: move your first <li> to NO.linkWrap.

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